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Our Top Five Ingredients for Baby Skin

Ever wondered what makes our baby skincare products so special? Today, we're diving into the heart of Mamave's formulations to uncover the top five natural ingredients that keep your bub's skin soft and happy. From soothing irritations to locking in moisture, Mamave has got your back! Let's take a closer look at what makes them the go-to for baby skincare.


  1. Calendula Extract
First up, we've got calendula – a true gem for calming sensitive skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this golden flower works wonders for easing nappy rashes and redness.  It provides a gentle touch for your bub's delicate skin, ensuring that every nappy change is a breeze.  Trust Mamave's calendula-infused products to keep your little one's skin cool, calm, and collected.


  1. Borage Seed Oil
Meet borage seed oil – your bub's new best mate for fighting dryness and irritation. Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), borage seed oil acts as a potent hydrator, replenishing moisture to parched skin.  It's the moisturiser your little one needs to stay soft and supple, no matter the weather. With Mamave's borage seed oil infused range for bubs, dry skin doesn't stand a chance!
  1. Mango Butter

Abundant in vitamins A and E, mango butter serves as a nourishing emollient for dry, irritated skin. Its rich composition helps maintain skin softness and smoothness, providing a nurturing touch for your little one. Experience the benefits of Mamave's mango-infused products for a taste of natural skin nourishment.


  1. Zinc Oxide
Protect your bub's precious skin with the power of zinc oxide, a barrier against wetness and irritation. This natural mineral forms a gentle shield, keeping nappy rash at bay and your bub's skin happy. With Mamave's zinc-infused barrier cream, you can trust that your little one's skin stays protected and comfortable!
  1. Aloe Vera

Provide your baby's skin with a cooling, soothing remedy using aloe vera – renowned in nature for its effectiveness against sunburns, rashes, and irritation. With its refreshing touch and hydrating properties, aloe vera offers a calming sensation for sensitive skin. Choose Mamave's aloe-infused products for natural comfort and relief!


These are Mamave's quintessential ingredients for baby skincare. From the healing prowess of calendula to the nourishing benefits of mango butter, these natural remedies encompass all your little one's skin needs to remain soft, supple, and free from irritations!  Check them out in our range for bubs here.


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